Let’s Get Political

randomlychad  —  October 5, 2012 — 8 Comments


Today’s post comes to you via the irrepressible Ricky Anderson. He’s an IT guy by day, husband to his wife, Jana, and daddy to their miracle son, Evan. You can follow him on Twitter @Arthur2Sheds (ask him there about his “2 sheds”–he likes it!). I would direct you to his Facebook page, but he doesn’t have one! So come like mine instead: Randomlychad. (Ricky won’t mind).

Let’s Get Political!

It’s happening, whether you want it to or not.

The elections are just around the corner. First, we’ll dress up like idiots and send our blood sugar levels to the moon, and then we’ll shake off the carb hangover by electing the free world’s next leader.

I have a challenge for you during these elections -speak the truth in love.

I can’t count the number of vile, hateful and flat-out lies I’ve received in my email inbox from fellow Christians.

Ephesians 4:15 tells us to speak the truth in love.

You may not like that certain candidate. You may disagree with him. But you must not slander him. If you tell lies about him, you are wrong.

And even if he does eat puppies, kick babies and cheer for the Yankees, you must only speak the truth about him in love.

Truth without love is meaningless. 1 Corinthians tells us to speak without love makes you only a clanging cymbal. You’re just noisy…and obnoxious.

So for these elections, go ahead – vote for your favorite politician. Get involved, watch the debates. Just make sure to check your facts, and check your tone.

And whatever you do, don’t cheer for the Yankees. They cause global warming. Which, were he yet among the living, even George Steinbrenner would acknowledge is An Inconvenient Truth.




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  • Great post gents! In the interest of equal time, I don’t think there should be any cheering for ex-Red Sox GM Bobby Valentine either….

    • Ricky Anderson

      Are we still a bit sore about that?


      Thanks, Tor.

  • I have been a Yankees fan since 1977. There is no truth to us having anything to do with global warming. The Red Sox caused it.

    • Must be all those beans in Bean Town, right?

    • Ricky Anderson

      I can’t believe you voted for the Yankees!

      • Yankees!!! I will say that the Braves really got ripped on that non-infield fly last night.

  • No cheering for the Yankees here. My team did not make the playoffs this year (Phillies), so I’ll have to go with the Oakland A’s. They were once the Philadelphia A’s, and my dad grew up in Oakland, CA.

    • Ricky Anderson

      I remember watching them win against the Giants. Mike Gallego was my favorite player at the time because we both played 2nd base.

      Grounder to Gallego, toss to McGuire, A’s win it!