Don’t Be A Blog Monkey #writersunite

randomlychad  —  September 27, 2012 — 14 Comments


Blogging is both fun, and challenging. You hear a lot these days about tribe, platform, and success.

While I haven’t quite got a handle on just what success is yet, I know what it isn’t:

It’s not stats, numbers, click throughs, comments. Because it’s entirely too easy to focus on those things while building your tribe, platform, Internet playground, and lose sight of why you began blogging in the first place:

The words.

If it it isn’t first and foremost about love of the craft, then you’re a monkey.

A Blog Monkey.

Trust me–I know. I’ve been there. As recently as last week, I was ready to shut down this blog because I didn’t feel like I was successful based on numbers.

I became a blog monkey, a slave to stats. I lost my “first love.”

The words. The language, the love of putting together words and sentences in sometimes lyrical, other times stark, packages.

Don’t be like me. Don’t be a blog monkey.

Do it for love. For love of the craft.

If you do, and if you trust God to bring the increase (or not, as he sees fit), you’ll find freedom and liberty to create better art. And that my friends is true success. The freedom to create art for nothing more, or less, than love.

Don’t write for numbers–write from the heart.

Have you been a blog monkey? It’s a safe place here–you can tell.




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  • I love writing, but checked the stats too. Too much.

    • Me, too, Larry. Let’s call a moratorium on stat checking, okay? Let’s just write our hearts and see what happens.

  • Love this. I HAVE been king of the blog monkeys. Excuse me, I want a banana now.

    • Thanks, Jim! But I thought you were the King of Queens? 😉

      Seriously, thanks for being in tune, and putting out the call to something more, better, truer to our hearts than mere numbers.

  • Great analogy. I think a lot of us are on this journey together. We need to write and not focus on what everyone tells us is the perfect way to do it. Keep writing, Chad! You have an incredible story to share that will impact others.

    • Thanks, Tammy!

      It’s heartening to know that we’re not alone--that others share the same focus, and that focus isn’t stats, popularity, etc, but the words, the message, the call.

      And the One behind it all.

  • I’m a math guy -- I’m always looking at numbers. And I’ll admit to over analyzing the blog stats from time to time. This summer was a real test for me as my “numbers” declined while I spent time on missions and with my family. I wouldn’t trade these times for all the blog traffic in the world.

    • You got it, Jon! There are things of much more inestimable value than all the blog traffic--or tea in China--and family is right at the tip.

  • love it, chad! reminds me of a public service announcement, in a way. “don’t be like me. don’t be a blog monkey.” those lines had me cracking up.

    • Cool, Tim! Thanks!

      Have you seen the “Trunk Monkey” ads on YouTube?

  • Chad, I’ve found myself in this exact same place so many times. Thank you for the reminder.

    And the monkey image totally cracked me up. 🙂

  • Michelle Woodman

    I’ve been a blog monkey (though I look decidedly less creepy). I haven’t checked my stats too much as of late, but oh man — if there isn’t at least one comment? It can niggle away at me all. day.

    So thanks for the reminder (and thanks for *not* shutting down your blog!). 🙂

    • Me, too, Michelle. Feel like I’m doing something wrong.

      But it’s not about the numbers, but rather the connections (two very different things).

      You’re very welcome! Me, too!