A Heart Remade

randomlychad  —  August 20, 2012 — 17 Comments


You don’t know. You don’t know what you’ve done for me, the gift you gave me in sending me up to Bootcamp. It’s so fresh words cannot express the potency of the weekend. Of the time amongst men from all walks of life with the same questions. Do we have what it takes, can we be free?

More will be shared here in the coming days, but suffice it to say: I went forth thinking I was a Christian; I came home knowing I am a son of the Father (how I got there is a journey that requires a proper telling).

My heart was razed, and remade. And I owe you–all who gave, prayed for, and encouraged me on this journey an eternal debt of gratitude. May God bless you, everyone.




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  • Can’t wait to hwar more, Chad.

    • Oh, Larry, there is so much more. My heart is so full. But before I say anything here, I need to share the story with my wife.

  • Glad you had a life-changing experience. Looking forward to the specifics.

    • Thomas, I went into not knowing what to expect, a little nervous, and found so much. Jesus is so good.

  • Ricky Anderson

    Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Oh, wait…

    • I love you, my brother. Thank-you for your heart towards me.

  • Great to hear! I look forward to the stories.

    • And stories there will be, Jon. Jesus is so much more than I ever imagined.

  • Fantastic!!!!! Excited to hear more about it!!

  • can’t wait to read more of your bootcamp adventure, chad!

    • Thanks, Tim! Looking forward to sharing.

  • Michelle White

    So good to hear. Now is the hard work (you’ve already done the hardest), keeping hold of what God has done (Lord, seal it deep within him), and changing old habits with God’s amazing help. Will be praying for you, Lisa and your kids through these next few days/weeks because I know the enemy will be wanting to take it all away.

    • Thank-you, Michelle! Indeed--take it all away via busyness, doubt, attacks, trials, etc. Firmly fixed in my heart is this: I now know who, and Whose, I am, and take my place in Him.

      No longer outcast, forsaken, abandoned, or alone, I am loved and accepted; in short, I am my Father’s son, and none will take that from me.