Slaying Orcs, Dressing Princesses

randomlychad  —  July 10, 2012 — 13 Comments

Barbie Princesses

God has a sense of humor. How do I know? First: He made you and me. Second: He made children. He also gave us the process whereby children are made. Ahem. I wonder if the angels look down upon us so engaged, and laugh? “This they call ‘love?'”

My wife and I have two of those miraculous entities known as “offspring.” And we also know a little (a very little) of the derision large families often receive: “You have how many?” Only for us the question is “They’re how far apart? What were you thinking?” We weren’t (did you not see the previous paragraph?).

Only that’s not quite true. Certainly passion played a part, but the truth is we were told we wouldn’t be having any children. And then eight years into our marriage, we had a son. A precious boy.

And then the Lord shutteth up my wife’s womb tighter than a water-proof drum.

We had our son, our miracle child, and thought we were done.

Eight years later, after years of questioning looks (“When are you having another one?”), unplanned, unexpected, unlooked (but not unhoped) for, the unthinkable:

In the sixteenth year of our marriage, my wife was pregnant again! “Didn’t plan that very well, did you?” people would ask. “We didn’t plan it at all,” we would invariably answer.

Folks didn’t quite know what to do with that, but it was marvelous in our eyes. We–my wife and I–were often rendered quite speechless at what the Lord had done…

Which brings me to right now, tonight, six years after our daughter entered our lives. As I was putting her to bed, she asked me to read her the story of Princess Aurora’s (Sleeping Beauty) wedding preparations. She has a pillow book deatailing the account of how the princess came to find just the right wedding gown.

My daughter is in every sense a little girl, and my princess. In fact, today is her birthday. Happy birthday, Bella! image

Her brother is no longer little, but is nevertheless very much all boy, and wants to be the hero. So it was, after reading Sleeping Beauty with my daughter, I found myself slaying orcs with my son. (And in the midst of this–two kids wanting my time and attention–my wife was down with a migraine. She hasn’t had one in years. Please pray for Lisa).

And I would like to think that God looks down with pleasure on my little family.

Both children were unlooked for, but both are entirely blessings. Having them in such different phases of life can be exhausting.

But neither my wife, nor I, would trade them in for anything.

When’s the last time the Lord brought something unexpected into your life? How did you respond?




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  • Awesome Chad. I wouldn’t trade my two for anything either. They are so different, yet so similar. And they love the Lord like I couldn’t imagine loving Him at their age.

    • And that, Larry, is indeed a wonderful thing. 🙂

  • Beautiful! Children are amazing. My job loss last week was my most recent unexpected gift. While I’d prefer to have a paycheck, I needed a change and a good swift kick in the rear to get started.

    • Just like in a story, right? Sometimes (often) we need those inciting incidents to get us going.

  • Ricky Anderson

    Happy Birthday, Bella!

    Glad you’re taking the time to sit back and appreciate your blessings, Chad.

    • Altogether too easy to lose sight of them, isn’t it, Ricky? I mean in the midst of all we have to do, we can lose sight of what we have, and what we get to do.

      Glad you are back from your hiatus! 🙂

    • Ricky, forget to thank-you for wishing Bella a happy birthday! Thanks!

  • ShandaSargent

    Happy Birthday, Bella! 🙂 I think your story of God giving you guys children is beautiful. They are treasures, indeed, and we may treasure them a tiny bit more when we know they might not have been. Blessings!

    • Oh, amen, Shanda! We do--treasure them, that is; so much. But sometimes not enough. All the demands of the adult world crowd in, you know? And the internal demons we fight can be so obscuring.

      Thank-you for your kind wishes!

  • You touched on an interesting side issue: Isn’t it amazing how free people feel to comment on your number of offspring? My sister has 5 boys, and when the boys were young, complete strangers would say, “You must be crazy!”

    If you had a tattoo of a skull on the tip of your nose, everyone would notice and no one would mention it. But kids? The questions abound.

    We had our child after we had been married over 10 years, so everyone had given up asking the inappropriate question about when in the world were we going to have a kid. I guess the answer would have been, “When you all stop pestering us about it.”

    • Isn’t interesting the liberties people feel, JT? Like it’s any of their business how many, when, or if folks have kids.

      My wife and I married in our very early 20s, and just barely managed to have our son (after being told we wouldn’t be having any) while still in our 20s. Even so, some family members weren’t happy with us for having a kid at all. Just goes to show that people are weird.

  • He’s always bringing something unexpected in my life, although I’m sure I don’t always realize it nor do I thank Him nearly enough!

    You’re family is beautiful, and what a wonderful story of God’s unexpected blessings! Hope your daughter had a very wonderful birthday! 🙂

    • Doesn’t He though? Always bring something unexpected that manages to stretch us in ways we didn’t think possible.

      Thank-you very much! They’re great kids!