When Your Rack Becomes My Problem

randomlychad  —  June 5, 2012 — 8 Comments

My family and I are currently vacationing, and while I wasn’t going to be posting anything this week… It’s late, I’m not sleeping… And this was too good to let slide. You’ll see what I mean.

The other night my wife and I witnessed a fashion faux pas. We were on our way into one of those organic grocers that are all the rage these days. At roughly the same time we hit the store’s entrance, so did this other lady. She was wearing what appeared to be a terrycloth tube top. Normally I don’t notice fashion. I’m a guy–it’s not my thing.

But in this case, it was well-nigh impossible not to: her top was, while terrycloth, nevertheless white, and she clearly had no bra on. How could we (my wife noticed, too) tell? She was rather well endowed–and her girls were standing at attention.

It wasn’t cold out.

Her rack may not have been my problem, but it sure seems to me that she wanted everyone to see her “torpedo tits.”

By my reckoning this is a fashion faux pas of the highest order. Ladies, a word to the wise: when going commando–it’s not for up top, but down below.


And it’s surely not for all the world to know.

Have you ever witnessed a fashion snafu like this? Am I out to lunch? Sound off in the comments!




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  • Michelle Woodman

    Ooooh, I’ve seen fashion faux pas like this and, sadly, they cannot be unseen. 😛 People, there *is* such a thing as a wrong kind of attention. And not supporting “the girls” properly (or at all — eek) is one of them. So are pajama pants worn outside of your house.

    • Ooh, pajama pants! Why do people do that--outside the house, I mean?

      And, yes--there are things that can’t be unseen.

  • Kat Morrissette

    Indeed. The only time it’s socially acceptable to not wear a bra is when a) in pyjamas or b) on the first day of your period *when you’re at HOME*
    See the theme there?

    • Not having firsthand, personal experience, I can only concur.


  • Only everyday, but especially at church. There are women wearing things that I wouldn’t want my wife or daughter wearing outside of church. I realize that it is my issue, but we men are visual. So, how about a little help?

    • I know what you mean, Larry. Some things are almost impossible to not--ahem--notice. IKYKWIM.

  • I wish I could say I didn’t witness a form of this every day I leave my house, but I do. I live in Oregon, land of the bra-burning hippies… I constantly hope someone will put out the memo that some undergarments shouldn’t be optional in public settings. And I especially hope the memo gets read.

    • Amen! Please read the memo, people!