Trading Neuroses

(Skip to the end if you’re interested in guest posting for me).

Recently, I had an opportunity to submit I guest post for review by a person I respect. The work represented an effort on my part to stretch myself beyond my typical subject matter.

Thing is, when I didn’t get as timely a response as I expected, I freaked a bit, became a pest. There are some reasons behind it, but none are here offered as excuses.

But first, a little history:

If you’ve been around here awhile, you know that I skew towards the introverted side of the temperament scale. Time was, I was even more (often painfully so) introverted (meaning shy, socially awkward) than the man I am now.

What do I mean?

If you can believe it, I was so conflict-avoidant that I would disappear when my wife needed to return goods at the store. I suppose there were reasons for that, for being so rejection-averse, but that’s not the point of this post. In any case, I share the preceding to my shame.

Back to the present:

I suppose in a sense I’ve graduated–from being rejection-averse to being indifference-averse:

Translation: I’ve discovered that I really don’t like feeling ignored. Because rejection, by-and-large, I can handle now. It sorta comes with the writing gig.

And since I’ve started writing in earnest, I’ve found that:

1) I do have a “voice;” and,
2) I use it (not always so well, apparently)

But the (seeming) indifference–when I’ve worked hard on something, stretched myself–drives me up a frickin’ wall!

Awesome! I’ve shed one neurosis for another! “O, wretched man am I…”

To be fair: it’s not the other party’s fault at all–they are extremely busy with a whole host of projects. The fault for my behavior rests squarely on my shoulders. Really.

I hope (I’m not even sure he/she/they read my blog) they can forgive me for being such a pest, and that we can work together at some point in the future.

Have you ever done this? Gone all grapenuts when the expected reply/feedback/whayever didn’t come soon enough? Or is it just me? <--please don't answer that one, ok? 😉PS My family and are going on vacation next week, and I decided that rather than try to crank some content out while we're thus engaged, I thought I'd open (such as it is) my platform to you, my readers. Anyone interested in submitting a guest post is encouraged to click here. Sorry for the short notice, and thank-you!