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randomlychad  —  June 19, 2012 — 19 Comments

Jeff Goins is a writer. Last year, I hated him, but for some reason he still said to me: “You Are A Writer.”

Thanks, Jeff! Appreciate that!

I kid. That last link actually points to Amazon, where you can buy Jeff’s newest eBook, You Are A Writer. And the truth is, he isn’t just saying it to me, but to everybody who loves the sight, sound, taste, and smell of words. They way they flow across the page, flying from our flexed fingertips.

If that’s you–if you can’t imagine not writing–then you are a writer. Yes, a passing knowledge of grammar helps, but there is no special schooling required.

Because, you see, the secret to being a writer is that you are when you say you are. You don’t to wait to be recognized (though the affirmations sure don’t hurt).

If you are a writer, if you’ve always wanted to call yourself one, but were too afraid to make that declaration, then Jeff’s book is for you.

In fact, one lucky you will win a complete set of all the digital editions of You Are A Writer. Here’s what you could win:


All you have to do is comment below for one chance to win.

But wait! Just like Ginsu knives, there’s more:

On Sunday, I wrote of my dad, and how I’m trying to grow beyond the lessons of my childhood. To that end, I entered the lottery to attend a Wild At Heart boot camp this August. I was selected. For a number of reasons, I don’t have the funds to go. Chief of these is that mine is my family’s only income. So there isn’t $475 in the budget, and no I won’t just charge it. And that’s just the bare minimum to pay for the retreat–there’s still getting there.

If you’d like another chance at winning copies of all of the digital editions of Jeff’s book, please PayPal a gift towards my retreat expenses to: gandalf239 [at] gmail [dot] com. Do that, and your name gets entered again. Simple, right?

Listen, if you can’t afford to give, we’re cool, ok? Just pray. I need your prayer support just as much (more, I need it more) as I need financial support in this area.

And listen: those of you who’ve been here awhile, and those that are new, I promise this isn’t going to turn into the “TBN” of blogs. I write because I love to do it, and I hope it’s a blessing to you. I’m only asking for your help this way because I felt like I was supposed to. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming of sense, nonsense, and deep thoughts about life, the universe, and everything very soon.

In the meantime, kick back, relax, and thanks for flying “Random Air.”

Are you a writer? Share in the comments below:




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  • You are a writer. That must be cool. I am a teacher even though it has been years since I was in the classroom. It is what I am.

    • Thank-you, ma’am! I think being a teacher must be pretty awesome, too. Takes a special person, who loves kids.

      Thank-you for finding my blog, reading it, and supporting me.

      Means the world!

  • geri seiberling

    I am a logophile. I honestly did not know I was afflicted with the disease, nor how much I loved the written word until I subscribed to a daily blog for poets about two years ago. I have a stash of poetry, but I rarely have had opportunity to share it. To me, it is like showing someone your underwear drawer. There is scarcely another more intimate revelation of who a person is intrinsically. I am not a pro writer by any stretch, but must write for work, and I want to learn how to write faster. I can spend hours obsesssssssing over the right word. That obsession may be the main symptom that I am indeed afflicted with logophilia. But frankly I’ve heard of worse afflictions. It doesn’t make you come in late to work. (Well maybe.) I’ve not ever seen any support groups. I’ve never heard of anyone dying yet of an overdose of poetry. I’m certain there have been people that have fallen asleep, but any deaths would be purely accidental. It is also accidental that I found your blog, and this post. Serendipity as well, because I’d love a chance to win the books. May you find your way to the boot camp. . . love that author- SO refreshing. Wish my husband could go to it too. Maybe when we are all rich and famous. God bless.

    • Geri, thank-you for your most generous comment! It is much-appreciated by me, nor judging by it, do I doubt the veracity of your self-diagnosis of logophilia. It is indeed a serious disease, fraught with much danger, doubt, and self-deprecation, as one seeks the magical lightning of just the right word. Because, as we know, almost the right word is akin to a lightning bug. 🙂

      You are hereby, and forthwith, entered into the drawing for the multiple editions of Jeff’s stellar eBook. Thank-you for your kind loquacity.

      Best regards,

      Chad Jones

      • geri seiberling

        I have more words whenever you want them. : ‘ )

        • Awesome! I love it when a person knows how to use their words. 😉

          • geri

            Has your prize winner been announced yet? Thanks Chad.

          • Yes, ma’am--I announced the winners last Saturday.

            It’s probably been relegated to page 2 of the blog now.

  • I think I’m a writer… I get paid for my technical writing skills; I’ve been a staff and contributing writer to many a publication; I blog with a nice community of readers and commenters; I’ve always had stories to tell and loved finding the right words to do so…

    But that last little boost into writerdom, I lack. I want to be a novelist, a great American author. I want to spin stories together in such a beautiful way that the reader closes the book a changed person.

    I know I’ll get there in God’s time… but I know it’s something I’m meant to do.

    Good luck getting to your conference. I’ll check with the hubby and see how finances are lookin’

    • Rose, it seems to me the answer is do. Do outline that book, and do write it. And then write another. And another.

      Thomas F. Monteleone said it best: “Writing equals butt in chair. The corollary to that singular truth is: Writing is mostly luck: The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

      You can do it!

      Thank-you for both your comment, and your kind wishes!

      • Chad, thanks for the reply!

        I know you’re 100% right. I actually have an outline, I have the most amazing plot -- and these characters, they’re such real people to me. I KNOW THEM. My sister was my sounding board and eventually, her ideas were so nice, that she became a co-author.

        Now comes the “work” part. And that’s where I lack motivation, organization, and the ability to just get it done. It’s pathetic, kinda.

        Maybe fear of failure is causing me to self-sabotage? Who knows.

        The plot is done, the characters alive, research has happened… so yeah. It’s some butt-in-the-chair time. It’s just that after a day of writing for work, then doing my blog, then emails… I just don’t want to. Isn’t that sad? My pleasure project feels like a chore sometimes.

  • Hey, I’m a writer! Who knew.

    All the best with getting to the conference.

    • Awesome!

      Appreciate your comment, & support!

  • Ricky Anderson

    Still figuring that one out.

    • Ricky, you are--you’ve just had a lot of major life changes this past year is all.

      You’ll get it sorted.

  • I wouldn’t have called myself a writer until recently… probably still shouldn’t. 🙂

    • Nate--would you give it up? Blogging? And even if you did, can you imagine not writing anything, ever? If you put thoughts down somewhere, even if they’re not read by anyone else, and you can’t imagine not doing that--because you love it--then you are a writer.

      And you’re in the drawing!

      • Great questions, Chad! You delivered your message loud and clear and you are most correct -- I am a writer! Thanks!

        Thanks, too, for putting me in the drawing!