Summer Movies: What Are You Seeing?

randomlychad  —  May 31, 2012 — 22 Comments

Yesterday was a busy day for me; as such, I didn’t get my regular writing time. So instead of a standard post, I thought I’d ask you about summer movies.

I don’t often weigh in on pop culture, but here are some the movies I’m looking forward to this summer:


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Dark Knight Rises

Movies are, of course, expensive to attend–so I don’t know if I’ll be seeing all of the above in the theater. (If you were me, which ones would you see in theater, and which would you wait to rent?).

Movie I’ll be seeing because I have a five year-old:

Madagascar 3

What are you looking forward to?

What aren’t you going to see–even if your life depended on it?

Do you think we’re going to see another big blockbuster like The Avengers? Will The Dark Knight Rises surpass it?

What are you going to see this summer?




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  • I still haven’t caught The Avengers yet, but want to. It seems a good summer-ish, eye-candy film for no purpose other than to be entertained.

    I’m jazzed about The Dark Knight. At the last Batman movie, I brought in a gigantic Starbucks with four shots in it and by the middle of the movie, I thought I was Batman and could rule the world.

    You know what? I did. I did rule the world.

    Until the caffeine buzz wore off.

    • Avengers--for a comic book movie--was actually quite well done. For all the action sequences, it’s a character driven story. If/when you do go see it, pay attention to the number of characters on screen at any given time--I think you’ll be surprised that the bulk of the film--being a summer blockbuster--moves the story forward so well with such small scenes. You’ll see what I mean.

  • I think Dark Knight has a chance. I would see it and Spider-Man at the theater. I would wait on almost everything else. But I’m especially cheap.

    • And you live about 40 miles from town, right?

      At first, I wasn’t sure about the Spider-Man reboot, but it’s grown on me. Plus my son really wants to see it.

      Yeah, Dark Knight will be huge.

  • I will probably be seeing all the ones you have listed because my son wants to see all of them, although I’m not sure I want him to see Prometheus. Also want to see the new Snow White and the Huntsman movie. I think that’s the name of it.

    • Yeah, Prometheus does seem to skew dark, and truth be told I don’t see a lot of R-rated movies. That may be one I see on video later (if at all), and just because I’m a sci-fi geek.

      Snow White & the Huntsman is out tomorrow. I think my son wants to see it--not sure about my wife.

  • MatthewShedd

    I would add Brave to your list. Pixar has a tendency to be brilliant. I plan to skip Prometheus, but really want to see Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. My wife and I (and now child) have a Drive In movie theatre 15 minutes from us, so we go to whatever is on there (with some limits). The cost is $6 per person and you get to see 2 movies. So, yeah, I will be watching movies this summer.

    • Totally forgot Brave! Usually love Pixar stuff because it’s story, and character, driven. Didn’t hear good things about Cars 2, so I gave that a pass. Hope Brave is a return to form for them.

      Drive-in? How cool is that! And 2 flicks for $6? Can’t beat that. We have two of those (drive-ins) here--closest one is 30 mins away. We’ve been there. But this being Phoenix, we like to see movies indoors.

      Another vote against Prometheus--hmm.

      • MatthewShedd

        Cars 2 was a kids movie, missing the depth and character development that makes Pixar so special.

        • The impression I got from reading about it was that Cars2 was Pixar’s attempt to do a Dreamworks film: all pop culture flash, but none of the story depth, or character development, one expects from them.

    • I’d like to get in on the Brave bandwagon too.

      • Another vote for Brave! Awesome! That comes out around the time of my birthday--maybe I’ll take a day off, or something.

        My wife & son are seeing MiB3 today. I’ll give it a pass til it hits video.

  • Rob

    The Dark Knight Rises will open HUGE! If it’s as good as the Dark Knight it will beat the Avengers at the Box Office. The problem with it is that the Dark Knight was amazing and it will be hard to compete with people’s expectations. I am also excited to see the new Spiderman. I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the last series so I glad to see it get a fresh start.

    • The Dark Knight was pretty dang hardcore, wasn’t it?

      It’s one of those great movies that you almost don’t want to see again--because it was so disturbing, and well, dark. And, yeah, Rises really is competing with its predecessor.

      Like you, I’m thinking Spider-Man should be a welcome return to his comic book roots.

  • Only one I’m really interested in is the Dark Knight Rises in the theatre. Even tempted just to red box that one for a dollar when I compare it to the cost of going to the movies+childcare+gas+food+cell phones going off+not being able to go to the bathroom for several hours or I miss something. Man, I sound like a cranky old fart. Now you kids get off my lawn!!

    • I hear you, man! Dates are Dante’s expensive these days. Took my wife to the iPic Theatre. Once. Never again. Not worth the expense. But it was worth it to see The Avengers again. 😉

  • I’m with you on most of your choices. I’m excited about Spiderman and TDKR. Really, inappropriately excited. I’m curious about ALVH. I’ll probably catch that on rental.

    I’m also excited about Neighborhood Watch, The Bourne Legacy, the Total Recall remake (blasphemous, I know), and The Expendable 2.

    • I caught the red band trailer for Neighborhood Watch, & decided it wasn’t for me. Expendables2 looks like flat-out, balls to the wall, 80’s style action. Adding it to the list.

      Completely zoned on The Bourne Legacy. That’s on the list now, too.

      Not sure how I feel about Total Recall.

      • They way I’m approaching Total Recall, is that it looks like it would be a cool movie, independent of the fact it’s a remake (to me anyway). What I mean is, if I knew nothing about the original movie and saw a preview for the remake, it would strike me as a movie I’d want to see.

        • It does have a certain visual appeal--kinda a “Minority Report” vibe. But that makes sense, because both were based on Philip K. Dick stories.

  • I saw and thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers. I will make a point to the The Dark Knight Rises. After that--not sure.

    • Wasn’t that just a fun movie with some pretty serious stakes? I was thoroughly entertained.

      Not sure how many I’ll catch in the theater, either.