Caption This: With Pie

randomlychad  —  April 3, 2012 — 13 Comments

Folks, there will be a real post later–but for now I give you:


Yes, that’s right: beautiful lemon meringue pie.

Please caption away!

(I’ll go first in the comments).




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  • When asked how they achieved such beautiful stiff peaks on their meringue, the shopkeeper replied “We use “Pie-Agra.”

  • For the sculpted look, replace sugar with Axe hair gel.

    • Or don’t. Have you smelled that stuff? My wife & I are so thankful our son’s room doesn’t smell like Axe anymore.

      • I spoke at a youth camp back in January. The 7th grade boys dorm was known as the Axe Cloud. It was unbearable.

        • Light a match. Boom! Problem solved.


  • Dan McM

    This year’s crop of Jimmy Neutron clones should be sprouting sometime soon….

    • Spit curl on steroids, right?

  • Is it cold in here, or is that meringue just happy to see me?

    • I was waiting for someone to go there. Here is the full & complete quote from the piemaker:

      “For those beautiful, stiff peaks you see: we use ‘Pie-Agra’--we beat it til it’s hard.”

      (Sorry about that).


  • Are those Devo hats on the bottom shelf? Whip-It!