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randomlychad  —  April 11, 2012 — 24 Comments

Caught your attention, didn’t I? That title was carefully crafted to do just that. It’s good that you’re here. I have something I want to tell you:

Well, several somethings–actually someones:

Read, and grow wise:

JButtWhatWhat In Da Hizzouse

Dicky Anderson’s “Always On Sale”

Jon Stolpe–Stretched! (Armstrong)

Andrew Zahn’s ‘Creatives’ (Or Something)

Mandie Marie’s “Bastest” Blog Ever

The So-Called “Greatest” Blog of All Time

Larry Carter’s Deuce Coupe

That other Chad

Kevin Haggerty’s I Love Man

I’m such a dork! Totally forgot (as was pointed out in the comments):

Ben Emerson’s Everybody Dang Thing Tonight

Tor Constantino’s excellent ‘The Daily Restart’

These are but a few of my favorites; others are in the blogroll on the right.

Blog the blogging bloggers! Or, rather, read them.

How about you? Who are some of your favorites?




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  • Chad, you covered a bunch of my favorites. I would include, Kevin Haggerty’s The Isle Man, Stephen Haggerty’s Bearded Idealist, Bill the Cycle Guy, Randomly Chad.
    I always feel humbled and honored to be listed among a bunch of these greats.

    • Look again, Larry--Kevin’s on there. I totally spaced Rob & Stephen--my bad.
      Have to check out Bill the Cycle Guy.

  • Thanks for the mention! I would add Arny Sanchez (The Analogous Truth) to your list.

  • Coolness -- I will have to check some of these out -- if I ever get some more time!! Draw something and words with friends is taking over my free time!!

  • I agree with Larry. I read Rob Shep and Stephen Haggerty, who aren’t on your list. Also TMZ. Not the celebrity rumor website, though. Thomas Mark Zuniga.

    • Totally my bad on those--I’ll get them on, & checkout TMZ.

  • You’re kind.

    I’m honored.

    Thanks my friend.

    • Thanks, man!

      Happy to!

      Wish I had half your creativity.

  • Thanks Chad.

    As for me, my Google Reader is getting out of hand. I have so many favorites and read them all. That may be a cop-out. Oh well. I will say that I’ve been listening to podcasts a lot, lately. I love Michael Hyatt’s “This is Your Life” series. Also, has a ton of very informative blogging podcasts.

    • You bet!

      How do you keep up?

      I get so behind…

      • Oh, I don’t keep up. It’s impossible. Luckily, most bloggers don’t publish new stuff every day, so it gives me time to catch my breath. I will say though, I read a TON these days. It’s impossible to grow as a writer without reading a ton.

  • Thanks, Cad!

    • Anytime, Dicky!

      Say, weren’t you in Jerry Maguire?


  • Wow. I now have one degree less separation with Wang Chung. Not sure how I feel about that. 🙂

    • Ben:

      The Internet brings everyone together.


  • Awesome, thanks other Chad!

    • You’re welcome! But you’re “Other Chad”--I’m just Chad.


  • I’m pretty sure I’m my favorite. Closely followed by… nobody. =)

    I kid, I kid.

    One of my favorite blogs is by a girl named Aly Lewis, Memoirs of Algeisha:

  • I was loving your list until you added me to it -- now I totally question your judgement! It’s very kind of you!

    For what it’s worth -- I like to invite anyone from Chad’s list to guest post on my site (except Chad) -- please drop me an email at [email protected].

    Chad, you’re first in line if you’d like…let me know bro!

    • Heh-heh!

      I might take you up on that.

      Be afraid.