A “Musical” Confession In The Key Of WTF

randomlychad  —  March 2, 2012 — 13 Comments

A note on this post: I was encouraged to bring this recollection to light by:

Michelle Woodman, who did a blog carnival on Wednesday of this week about “first music purchases.” (Click the link to read her confession). And also by Knox McCoy’s newly unveiled The My Bad Project, where we who are believers can let our hair down, and cop to the douchey things we’ve done in the name of the Lord. (I may have a confession of my own on that sight).

I’ve written before of 1988. It was in many ways a banner year for me: I met the wonderful woman who was to become my wife, started attending church, and Jesus found me. Or I found Him. Regardless, we found each other, built a relationship. (Call me a “Cal-Minian”).

Those first few months were bliss. I just wanted to please Jesus, make Him happy. Things would come up, I’d make changes. Let things go.


Except maybe for the monsters in my closet. I was quite the heavy metal fan, and had an extensive cassette (remember those?) collection in my closet. AC/DC, Motörhead, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Accept, etc.

It came to me one morning–as I was switching stations on the radio, alternating between (I think) Rich Mullins and Metallica–that I needed to do something about my monsters. This music, and it’s message(s), couldn’t be good for my burgeoning faith, right?

But what to do?

What to do?

I had it!

One day, I bagged all my tapes in a grocery sack–all that “evil, devil music”–that wasn’t good for me. And took the sack to work.

“Why would he take it to work, and not just throw it all out,” you’re probably wondering? Was it to use the industrial compactor?

No–but good idea!

Instead, I sold my music to my “unsaved” coworkers. Let that sink in. The music that I judged as “no good for me,” I propagated to, and profited from, my unsaved coworkers.

In other words, a huge hypocrite was I. It was neither the first, nor the last, time I have been so. In my ignorant zeal to rid my life of “sin,” I had no problem passing it on.

This was totally my bad.

Dear former coworkers at Osco Drug (now CVS/Pharmacy), will you forgive me?

How about you? Have you done anything weird/stupid/strange in a quest to please Jesus?




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  • That’s. Awesome.

  • Michelle Woodman

    Oh, the things we will do — often times with all the best intentions (but perhaps not enough thought) — in the name of the Lord, eh? I just threw all my ‘secular’ music out in the trash bin.

    One of the weird/stupid/strange things I did in a quest to please Jesus was not listen to my grandma when trying to talk to her about ‘being saved’. She said in a quavery voice she rarely used unless she was genuinely emotional that she had felt the presence of the Lord many times. Did I allow that to lead to a real dialogue? Nooooo . . . I got all hung up on semantics and ended up annoying her. However good my intentions were, the execution sucked big time. :p

    • Yep, Michelle, been there, done that, I few times myself. Live and learn.

  • After church camp one year I came home convinced I needed to get rid of all my music, so I pawned my CDs ($2 each at the local pawn shop). Mom asked why not throw them away so no one else would hear them, and I remember telling her I’d tithe off the profits, so it was okay.

    • Priceless.

      You two Chads have a lot in common.

      Do you guys hang out?

      You should.

      You could form a club.

      You could call it the Hanging Chads.

      • You did. You went there. Bwah-hah-hah! Never heard that one before, Ricky Bobby. “Oh, Ricky you’re so fine, you blow my mind…” (Bet you never heard that before, right?)

        What you got for pregnant and/or perforated? Bring it!

        What say you, Master Gibbs? Ricky has thrown the gauntlet, shouted “Roll Eagle” in your general direction, what say you in response?

    • The things we do in the “name of the Lord.”

  • That’s actually pretty hilarious! In high school, I think just about every year after church camp I would come home and throw out whatever “secular” music I’d accumulated over the course of the last year. Too bad I didn’t realize that, like you, I totally could have capitalized on this cleaning of house event.

    • “When Capitalism & Christianity Collide, or How to Profit from Your Faith” by Chad Jones