Questions About Life, the Universe, & Everything (Mostly Sex & Lice)

randomlychad  —  February 16, 2012 — 9 Comments


Ok, maybe I’m showing my ignorance here, and you cool kids can school me, but there are some things I wonder about. Things that make me scratch my head like a lice-infested grade-schooler, and go “Huh?”

Things like:

Why are there lice? What purpose do they serve? Why does RID cost so much? (Nit one, pearl two).

(Feeling itchy?)

Ok, let’s try again:

In nature, we observe creatures that aesexually reproduce. Ok, fine. It’s nature’s cloning system. Yet, in the higher life forms, we have sexual intercourse. Why? If evolution is able create life from non-life, why evolve sex at all? And where and when did the first creatures emerge that, you know, “did it?” How did they know they were supposed to even “do it?”

Where are the transitional, non-“doing it” forms in the fossil record? How did they become creatures who “did it?” (“Daddy, what are the doggies doing in the backyard?”).

I know, right? My poor wife–this is the man she lives with. All these questions…

Of course, there’s the Cambrian Ejaculation, er, Explosion, where numerous creatures appear to have spontaneously spurted onto the scene.

Almost like they were, um, you know, created…

Thus I conclude that, in resolution of the age-old debate, the chicken most decidedly came first. Ahem.

What do you think?




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  • Oh my. Not sure -- but it’s funny to get a glimpse into your mind 🙂

    • That was pretty much my intent here today. 🙂

  • You’re crazy! 🙂

    I live less than an hour from Intercourse. And you might like to know that Blue Ball is nearby also.

    • Obviously, I picked that pic for its relation to today’s subject matter. 😉
      Also, thanks--but crazy is just a state of mind. 😉

      PS: I’m well aware of the close proximity that Blue Ball, Intercourse, & Paradise have to one another.

      PPS: I’m originally from Erie.

      • Erie isn’t far from where I went to college -- Grove City College.

        • Spent lots of time near there as a kid. We had friends in Greenville, family in Mercer, and lived for a time in New Castle.

  • Does the sexual reproduction of plants count as “transitional”?

    • I don’t know, but maybe bees do (and possibly birds, too). 😉