Like W00t: A Random Bag O’Crap For #LeapDay

randomlychad  —  February 29, 2012 — 4 Comments


Since this is my first Leap Day as a blogger (over 300-odd posts into this thing, & it’s my first), and I didn’t really take the time to map out a game plan, I thought I’d turn on the Wayback Machine and highlight a couple of random things from the past year.

Since I’m “RandomlyChad,” and all, here is your first ever (and possibly only) “Random Bag O’Crap:”

First up is a series of posts about the intersection of art and life:

Of Life, Art, & the Artist. That’s the first in the series, and it repeated for about six, or so, weeks. It wasn’t widely read, but Jeff Goins said he liked it, so there’s that.

Another thing I did prior to my late Fall hiatus was Wednesday Haterade. It was (I thought) a fun, unique way to highlight the work of other bloggers by “hating” on them. That series is here:

Wednesday Haterade.

Other than those two series, there were a lot of “random” posts about: life, the universe, and everything. (Yes, I’m 42, and no it doesn’t feel like much of an answer to much of anything). <--read Douglas Adams's hilarious The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for context.

And other than that, I’m a slow starter in the mornings (yes, Virginia, there are things I could do differently) [read that as: I’M NOT A MORNING PERSON, and as such I’ve made my son late for school on far too many occasions. Please pray for grace for me, because I have sleep apnea, and mornings are hard when one doesn’t rest. Thanks!

Before I’m done, let me open the floor to you:

If you’ve read my blog at all over the past year (or do), I’d love some feedback. Anything I’ve done well? Let me know. Anything I’ve done poorly? If I’m a horrible human being, let me know about that, too (I guess–I’m afraid). I’m opening the floor to you: give me the truth straight up, no chaser, in the comments below.


Blessings to you,





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