Joy in this Journey: My Wonderful Family

Despite how it may seem at times, life is not meaningless and full of pain. Oh, there are seasons of pain. Plenty of those, but there is joy in the journey.

Of the joys granted to me, the ones that bring me up short with the realization that I did nothing to deserve them, are:

My wife:


My daughter:


And my son:


I did nothing to deserve having these wonderful people in my wife, and in fact have failed them more times than I care to admit.

Yet they love me anyway.


Last night my wife and I were privileged to share a Valentine’s dinner with some close friends, and tonight I have the honor of escorting my little sweetie to a daddy/daughter dinner & dance.

I am a blessed man. A man in awe of a God who could do all this.

How about you? Who are the joys you are privileged to share life with?