Grace, Like Mexican Food

randomlychad  —  February 7, 2012 — 11 Comments


I can’t eat Mexican food. Well, I can–but I’m not much fun to be around later. If you catch my drift.

Really, it’s the frijoles (beans) that don’t agree with me (my wife says I’m allergic). I suspect I’m not alone in this.

Thus, there’s a saying you may have heard: Mexican food is the gift that keeps on giving.

And giving.

As true as this is, eventually it passes.

There is a real gift that keeps on giving–no matter how badly we stink it up, and that’s God’s grace. Try as we might, we can’t “out-sin” it. God waits, like the father of the Prodigal son, scanning the horizon for his beloved.

He waits, when we stink it up, for us to fall (in the words of the late Rich Mullins) “on the grace that first brought me to you.”

Grace then, like Mexican food, is a gift that keeps on giving. Unlike, it doesn’t lead to noxious emissions; rather, it eradicates them.

Grace: we need it. We need to give it, we need to receive it. We need to live and breathe it.

Grace: freely you have received, now freely give.

Grace: is there truly anything else like it?




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  • I thought I once heard the phrase “Grace and Mexican Food -- never the two shall meet.” I guess I was wrong.

    • You may indeed have. But aren’t there lessons everywhere (for he who has eyes to see)?

  • I must be allergic to the frijoles too

  • Ricky Anderson

    “Grace: we need it. We need to give it, we need to receive it. We need to live and breathe it.”

    Words to live by.

  • I agree about grace -- nothing like it. But I LOVE mexican food!! I could live on it -- move to the south and have it all the time!! Make my own guacamole and everything 🙂

    • Mexican food is the bomb!

      But there is truly nothing like grace. Other than having a living founder, grace is the greatest distinctive that sets Christianity apart from other religions.