Caption This: What’s Your Band Name?

randomlychad  —  February 24, 2012 — 22 Comments

Originally came across the following on Facebook, posted it to Instagram, and finally decided it was just too much fun not to share here (that and it’s Friday, I’m tired, and trying not to come down with what my family’s got):


I’ll go first: “Gray Coldbuster.”

What’s yours?




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  • Blue Turkey Meatloaves

    • Whoa! That sounds both like a punk band, & amazingly unappetizing! 😉

  • Gray Grapes.
    Try saying that fast ten times.

    • That’s funny! Grey Gapes <--see I'm already messing it up.

  • Gray Pepsi Max

    • Sounds like Pepsi gone bad.

      Thought you were off soda?

      Are you watching Kimmel?

      • I was off it for a while bc I was over-consuming and really was addicted. After cutting it out completely for a month, I eased back onto it, but I really only drink it every now and then. Pepsi Max is pretty good. It’s not as good as Coke Zero but I had a coupon. 🙂

        • Cool! Maybe I’ll try it. Does it have more “oomph” than Coke Zero?

          • I’m not even sure what that means. If by “oomph,” you mean it sits inyour stomach like a ton of bricks, as does regular soda, then no, it does not have “oomph.” 🙂

          • Ok, how about more “kick?” Does it have more “kick” than Coke (the soda--not the controlled substance)?

  • Carolina Blue Outmeal

    • Carolina Blue? Where does that fall on the blue spectrum?

      • A last second three behind Duke blue?

        • Gotcha! (Admittedly, I’m not entirely up to speed on the SEC--because I live in AZ).

        • Gotcha! (Admittedly, I’m not entirely up to speed on the SEC--because I live in AZ).

  • Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for The Plaid Coffee!

    • The Plaid Coffee? That’s awesome! Sounds like maybe a band from that Tom Hanks movie That Thing You Do.

      Thanks for stopping by! Got your book in my “to read” pile--just haven’t got there yet.

      • Hope you enjoy it!

        Also, “I wonder what ever happened to the Oneders” is my favorite line from That Thing You Do.

        • I’m sure I will. I’m hoping to get a handle on the lingo: “Roll Eagle, “War Tide,” etc.


          Seriously, Bryan Allain said it was good, and based on that, I’ve no doubt.