When The Words Won’t Come|Enough

randomlychad  —  January 6, 2012 — 8 Comments

When the words won’t come…

I wait

When inspiration fails…

I trust

When sheer busyness bogs me down…

I rest

When the words won’t come…

You are there, arms open wide…

Beckoning me

You are all, and the words fail, and fall

From silent lips, hushed in awe:

You hear my heart, and say:

“Rest, My child, no words today from your lips are needed…

I hear your heart, and will fill that empty place.”

To which I say:

“When the words won’t come…

You are Enough”




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  • Ricky Anderson

    Beautiful, Chad.

  • Hey Chad,

    That post just transferred peace. Good words! Wondering: have you read Heidi Baker’s book ‘Always Enough’?

    This post reminds me of it--it’s challenging and so good. Quite along the same line as what you wrote!

    • So glad to hear it. Thank-you very much!

      No, never heard of Heidi Baker, but will check out her book. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • She’s a missionary in Africa. I spent three months there at her orphanage. She lives what she preaches. Challenging

        • How cool! That sounds like quite a life-changing experience. Heading over to Amazon now

        • That looks like an amazing book! It’s definitely on my list. Thanks again for the recommendation!

          • You bet. Dang, I should go pick up my copy again…