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randomlychad  —  January 30, 2012 — 19 Comments

Years ago, if you’d asked me, I would’ve said Harry Potter was “teh evils,” but now I chant a different incantation.


Why did I change my tune?

Because I simply took the time to read the books for myself. Prior to that, as my friend Rob Shepherd is wont to say, I didn’t have a “fat clue” as to what Harry was all about.

I merely swallowed the prevailing (ostensibly) Christian pablum about. In essence, I went along with the culture. Not only was missing out on what our cousins across the pond call a “corking good yarn,” but also the the deeper meaning of the story.

But, as I’ve written about Harry before, I’m not here to reheat old hash, or to persuade you to crush your convictions in a quest for cultural relevance. Not really…

However, I’ve found–both via experience, and the scriptures–that it pays to be culturally aware. The Apostle Paul cited secular sources, used them as touchstones to connect with his audiences. Which sources are now canonized as scripture in perpetuity (“to the unknown god,” “the Cretans are always…”).

The point is: in order to be winsome witnesses for Christ, we should at least have a “fat clue” about what’s transpiring in the culture around us. A cogent, loving affirmation–or repudiation–always requires an uncomfortable level of engagement.

This is why, several years ago when the film released, I read The DaVinci Code. I wanted to be able to at least engage intelligently in the inevitable water cooler discussions. For similar reasons, Christians who live in predominantly LDS areas may read the Book of Mormon. It’s simply a way to engage the prevailing culture.

All of which is a rather long-winded way to say that there is an author writing today who does this very well: Jason Boyett. Not only does he have his finger on the cultural pulse, but he’s a man who knows the Bible, history… In short has a “fat clue.” He has a popular series of books–known as the Pocket Guides, wherein he discusses the afterlife, sainthood, the apocalypse, etc.

His latest is the Pocket Guide to 2012: Your once-in-a-lifetime Guide to not Completely Freaking Out. It is a short, witty, funny, sarcastic, yet erudite book on the latest of the doomsday scenarios to grab our attention: 2012. You’ll laugh so much while reading that you don’t realize how much you’re learning. Turns out Mary Poppins was right: a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down.

There are two ways for you, my faithful readers, to get your hands on this fine eBook: you can buy it:

For Kindle

For Nook


the “author’s preferred” edition

Technically, I guess that’s three ways to buy Jason’s book. But, this being a giveaway and all, one of you has a chance to win a copy of the “author’s preferred” PDF edition from me. Here’s how this works:

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