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randomlychad  —  November 16, 2011 — 11 Comments

Post removed at the urging of Christians wiser than I. It seems I can’t win for losing lately. I suck.




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Christ-follower, husband, dad, blogger, reader, writer, movie buff, introvert, desert-dweller, omnivore, gym rat. May, or may not, have a burgeoning collection of Darth Vader t-shirts. Can usually be found drinking protein shakes, playing with daughter, working out with his son, or hanging out with his wife. Makes a living playing with computers.

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  • Chad, I’m still wondering if going on-line with this is the best move. I sort of get it, but it seems like this is more something to work out husband to wife and wife to husband with some good Christian counseling. I get that we’re all screwed up and have fallen way short of the mark. I get that we all let each other down -- repeatedly. And I get that we all need grace for us and from us. I also get the importance of being transparent, but the lines of transparency need to be analyzed in light of keeping our marriages sacred. You guys continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thanks, Jon! I don’t know where wisdom lies any longer, or if I’ll be able to say these things. So I’ve said them here.

    • Fallingup77

      Stop doing this online. Use a little common sense.

      • Point taken. And post taken offline. Who is this?

    • Divadianamail

      Jon….. sounds like you are a good friend giving honest & caring advice as opposed to agreeing just to agree.

  • Misslisamj

    Thanks Jon. I wish he would listen to your advice. He doesn’t understand that this behavior is only hurting me more. Right fighting will never work anything out. You’re a good man Jon. Thanks for your Godly wisdom.

  • Chad and Lisa—praying for you guys right now.