Words With A Fiend: @bryanallain

randomlychad  —  October 27, 2011 — 11 Comments

You see it there, right? Right there in the title of this post–“fiend.”

Who do I mean? Who is this “fiend?”

Bryan Allain.

What do I mean?

He did this to me:

This Bryan Allain.

That’s right–I play words with this fiend!

He’s cutthroat, he’s lean…

And he’s mean!

This Bryan Allain.

Play him yourself.

You’ll see what I mean!

(search for ‘bryanallain’)

*By the by, I’m given to understand that his last name is French Canadian, so one pronounces it “Eileen.” Or so I’m told. 😉




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  • Anonymous

    Who knew such a benign word could pack such a punch. Ouch.

  • Ricky Anderson

    Wish I grabbed a screenshot of my retaliation for you, Chad.

    • No worries, mate! I have, on occasion, beaten Bryan--but never have I administered such a drubbing. He’s a good guy, and hopefully folks can tell I’m writing with tongue firmly in cheek on this one. Mock ire all the way! 😉

  • That was the move heard around the world wide web. I feel like I have seen that all over the place.

    • Because you have! It’s a small world! 😉

  • I’ve never played this game. Now I know why. Fiends abound.

    • Indeed they do, indeed they do. 😉

  • Ok, confession. Well, two.

    1) I don’t feel sorry for you AT ALL.
    2) I thought he might be playing against you when he posted that. I was right!

    • Ben, I understand why you feel that way. Padawan.


    • You of all people should understand how it feels--cause how you feel about me is how I feel about him. 🙂