“Not Good Enough” A Ricky Anderson Guest Post

randomlychad  —  October 10, 2011 — 17 Comments

Hi, folks! Today, I’m honored to bring you a post from my new friend, Ricky Anderson. Not only is he a cool cat, I’m told he knows a thing or two about computers as well. 😉

A note about the post: most of the stuff I’ve read on Ricky’s blog has a decidedly humorous cast to it. The following represents, instead, the serious side of Ricky.

Without further ado, here is Not Good Enough:

The carousel starts again. Here we go.

“You’re not good enough.” I hear the Deceiver’s whisper in my ear.

“I know.” I want to argue. But he’s right.

“You’re a liar.” He reminds me of my hypocrisy with relentless cruelty.

“I know.” I don’t mean to be. I just get off track and compromise where I shouldn’t. But he’s still right.

You can’t succeed at anything.” My failure parade strikes up the band as it marches down Memory Lane.

“I know.” I try, I fail. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I feel sick to my stomach and my eyes are burning. The road blurs a bit as I grip the steering wheel with tense, white knuckles.

“God doesn’t love you. He can’t. You’re worthless.” The despair threatens to overwhelm me.

Deep breath. Pray.

God, all this is true. What can I do?

“It was true. But don’t listen to the Deceiver. He doesn’t tell the rest of the story.”

What’s the rest of the story?

“You’re mine. I chose you.”

But I’ve failed you!

Nope, you’re holy.

I’m a sinner!

You’re blameless.

I’m worthless!

Stop it! You’re my son.

Maybe once, but I’ve been a mess since then.

Doesn’t matter. I marked you with a seal. It’s done. It’s finished.

Why do you matter? Why are you blameless?

Because Jesus conquered death. For you.

And his Dad says that’s good enough.

Thanks, Ricky, for a great post!

Ricky lives with his wife, and new son, in the American Southwest. He works in IT, but dreams of going to Hollywood (at least according to his blog). He blogs most days at RickyAnderson.net, and you can follow him on Twitter @Arthur2Sheds.




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  • It’s hard for to believe this, even though He’s told us a thousand ways.

    • It's still amazing to me that I'm quicker to accept the lie than the Truth.

  • ironicmom

    Wow. Another side of Mr. 2Sheds. Nicely done, Ricky.

    It's amazingly hard to forgive ourselves sometimes, isn't it?

    And the next time your voice in your head tells you that, let me know. I'll send the voice in my head over to beat up the voice in your head. (Yes, my voice has a Canadian passport and has not yet been banned from the US).

    • Your Canadian side has been rather violent this week, Leanne!

      It would be so much easier if the devil just told straight up lies, and not half-truths.

      "You are made of asbestos" is much easier to dismiss than "You are a hypocrite".

      He starts with something true and then twists it into a lie. Very tricky.

  • Cindy Holman

    Ricky -- I love this. You're pretty special too 🙂

    • Thanks, Cindy.

      When I finally got this through my thick head, my relationship with God became real.

      Before that, it was just me trying to earn His good will.

      What a relief!

  • God went over the same thing with me recently--again. So good to know--so life-changing.

    • Me, too, Matt.

  • Constant reminders help me greatly.

  • Yeah, this has pretty much been my last 3 weeks.

  • jezibelle

    Awesome caputure of internal dialogue I think I do battle with WAY more than I should.

  • Yes. Yes yes yes.

  • This was a great post! I really like that Ricky guy.