Folks Who Give Good Blog

You’re likely already reading these most excellent blogs, but if not, please check out (in no particular order):

The Seeking Pastor, Matt Cannon. He’s definitely seeker-friendly!

Ricky Anderson, who always has something on sale

Tamara “Outloud” Lunardo… Thoughts on real life and real faith

Rob Shepherd, a pastor who blogs–like a boss!

Jennifer Luitwieler, a lady well-acquainted with how our lives can get clogged with “poo.”

Ben Emerson’s ‘The Whole Dang Thing’–dude is blogging his way through the Bible!

Tor Constantino’s ‘The Daily Re TORt, where he always something awesome to say!

Alise Wright. The original ‘Big Mama’ of blogging, and the ‘Kevin Bacon’ of the Internet.

Bryan Allain. Bryan claims to be a mammal, but the dude is a superhuman blogger!

Badly Drawn Bible, Jared Hollier’s home on the Intarwebz. He draws, he blogs–badly! Not really–he’s dang good!

There’s too dang many good ones to list… and my wife thinks I’m cleaning our master bathroom right now. 😉

Peace out, peeps!