Wednesday #Haterade: Some Reasons Why I “Hate” 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo by @bryanallain

randomlychad  —  September 14, 2011 — 9 Comments

Alright. I need to get this off my chest. It’s been seething inside of me since I read it (in one sitting!).

I “hate” Bryan Allain’s new eBook, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo.

There–I said it! You know why I “hate” it so? ‘Cause when I first saw the link, I thought it read 31 Days to the Perfect Mojito. And as everyone knows, mojitos pair perfectly with Cuban sandwiches!

Not that it takes 31 days and all to learn how to make a mojito–it doesn’t: but we’re talking about the “Perfect Mojito.” Anyway, that’s reason one.

Reason two is simply this: “mojo” reminds me of that old Door’s song (I don’t remember which) that includes the lyric “Mr. Mojo risin’.” And truly, with his book priced at only $4.99, that’s what Bryan’s gonna be doing: sitting on a rising dojo of cash there in Intercourse, PA! Seriously, the man is the Scrooge McDuck of bloggers! (Kidding, Bryan! Please don’t sweep the leg–I’ve already had one knee surgery).

Another reason I “hate” this darn book is that he didn’t consult me on the title! The book is so full of practical, actionable steps that bloggers can take to grow their blogs (and their “tribes”), it should have been called Blogger Lager: 31 Days to Homebrewed Blogging Success Because, as I mentioned above, mojo to me sounds like mojito, which as anyone who knows any Spanish knows, means “little mojo.” Which in turn sounds like mocos–Spanish for boogers! And who needs a book about boogers! Gross!.

Besides all that, Bryan just seems more like a beer kind of guy:

(Please note: upon further research, it appears that mojitos are drinks that are consumed only by female bloggers living in Florida–such as Tamara Lunardo. And we’ve already established how I feel about her. *ahem* 😉

But I digress. And truly, unless you already guessed: I don’t actually hate Bryan’s book–I “hate” it. Which is to say that I devoured it in one 40-minute sitting! It was that good! Aside from the actionable steps he provides, it’s worth its weight in gold (how much does an eBook weigh?) for the jokes alone!

So go buy yourself a copy of Bryan Allain’s Blogger Lager, er, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo.

You really will be glad you did!

So: how much do you “hate” this book? Tell me in the comments!




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  • I read it and I hate that I didn't come up with those ideas and write it myself. It's great practical stuff for bloggers.

    • Too true, man, too true! Where does he get his ideas? 😉

  • Well now I just want a dang mojito.

  • i swear that was one of about 3 beers I had all summer.

    Now cherry vodkas and coke … that's a whole different story.

    thanks Chad! appreciate the hate.

    • That's what they all say, Allain! That's what they all say. ;-)Never tried that (When you say “Coke,” do you mean Coke Zero?)My pleasure! I'm the happiest “hater” anywhere! 😉

  • Well, I was going to write a review…

    Now I think I’ll just retweet your link!

    Well done!!!

    • Thanks very much, Lindsey! See you around the Tribe!

  • It's a great book, and essential if you're a blogger. If you're not, then it's just entertaining. Either way, Bryan wins and the terrorists lose.

    • Indeed it is. Bryan is totally #winning!