Jesus Loves… Satanists

randomlychad  —  September 6, 2011 — 12 Comments
'Jesus Loves* You' photo (c) 2008, R. M.  Calamar - license:

Jesus loves:

Harry Potter-readers

Jesus loves:

Richard Dawkins &
Rob Bell

Jesus loves:

Fred Phelps (Westboro “Baptist”)

Jesus loves:


Jesus loves:


Jesus loves:

Feminists &
Male Chauvinists

Jesus loves:

Brian McClaren &
Mark Driscoll

Jesus loves:

Rachel Held Evans &
The Duggar Family

Jesus loves:

You &

Jesus even loves Charlie Sheen!

How do I know this? Because Romans 5:8 (ESV) says, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

That’s right, Christ died while we were still estranged from Him. And now He stands, like the old Journey song, with open arms, waiting for us to come to Him. I’ve even heard that, despite being God, He says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” (Rev. 3:20, ESV).

So Jesus awaits, with arms open, all who would come to Him. That He loves all those listed above does not mean He approves of what they (or we) do. It simply means that, despite the various labels, He loves them all–He loves us–because of what’s shared by all.

All are people.

All are people in need of a Savior.

Jesus loves even ordinary people.

Jesus loves even ordinary people.

Jesus loves even ordinary people.

Jesus just loves people.

We would, despite our differences, do well to do the same.

Who would you add to the list?

In the interests of disclosure, the following from Anne Jackson>/a> was the catalyst for this post:




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  • Thank-you!

  • moonchild11

    This is fantastic! I'm so glad Jesus loves Harry Potter readers. I need to remind myself that he loves terrorists and child abusers and rapists, and Mark Driscoll as well.

    • It's true--He does. He died just as much for Hitler, Dahmer, Gacy, et al, as he did for you, me, and everybody. Some embrace His love, but others go very, very wrong.Let me add, as a parent, that my love for my children is not predicated upon their actions. I can love them, while simultaneously not condoning their actions. So it is with God. There is no contradiction here. Love loves. Thanks so much for your comment!

  • Alabama fans.

    • Is that War Eagle, or Roll Tide? I get those confused. 😉

  • steve40004

    Jesus even loves that Random Chad fellow. 🙂

    • I sure hope so--or I'm in a heap of trouble! 😉

  • Great reminder. And we should do likewise!

    • Thanks, Ricky!

  • Great post and reminder bro -- awesome stuff!!!

    • Thanks, Tor!