I Was A (Grown-Up) Hypocritical Harry Hater

randomlychad  —  July 14, 2011 — 5 Comments

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsphoto © 2003 Colin Zhu | more info (via: Wylio)

I need to get something off my chest, something that’s really weighing me down: I’m a hypocritical Harry-hater.

Or at least I was. Until I bothered to get all “Bereany,” and actually, you know, read Ms. Rowling’s books for myself.

I mean, there I was, book nerd, lifelong Science Fiction and Fantasy fan, gulping down Tolkien, and hating Harry.

Yes, that’s right, I was a camel-swallowing gnat-strainer. I was down with Mirkwood–but not the Forbidden Forest.

I bought into the Evangelical pablum that Harry was “teh evils.”

But as I said, I began to look into these things myself, and with the help of great books like John Granger’s Looking For God In Harry Potter, I began to read there a different incantation. Appreciate the timeless, even Christian, themes.

I was down with Harry!

However, my “conversion” thus complete, I need to tell you something:

I never read any of Rowling’s books until Deathly Hallows was out.

Thus, though I acted like I was down with Harry, in reality I’d never yet tasted one of Bertie Bott’s beans, not taken sip one of butterbeer.

I was a Harry virgin trying to be hip.

Thus perpetuating my hypocrisy!

Please forgive me.

Are you down with Harry, or not? Are you going to see the last film (which is out at midnight)?




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  • steve40004

    I will not go see it at midnight. I have seen everything up to this one, and at some point will see it too. I have not read the books because getting a Master's degree has eaten up my fiction time. sob sob

  • I didn't start reading Harry until right before book 5 came out. I'm not usually one to care about how evil stuff is, but I had one friend who I really trusted who thought the first book was pretty wrong, and that put me off for a while. Then I didn't want to read because they were uber popular and I almost never like stuff that is THAT popular. I don't remember why I finally decided to read them (I'm sure I wanted to see the movies and wouldn't do that until I'd read the books), but I'm so glad I did. HUGE HP fan.

    I'll be at the midnight showing, hankies at the ready.

    • I'm like you--I'll pretty much anything (at least once). Heck, I'm reading through GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire (and where was the hew and cry in Christian circles over that one?). Not gonna be there at midnight, but I will make it. Might be awhile--want my son to read the books first--but we'll get there.Enjoy!

  • I'll say it…JK Rowling is a certifiable genius and I adore the Potter series. It's fiction for crying out loud. And damn good fiction at that. I won't see the flick at 0000 hrs (way to late for me), but I have Part 1 on the way via Netflix and the Wife and I will hit the theatre in the next couple weeks.

    Although, she never finished Deathly Hallows, so I'm tempted to tell her she isn't allowed to see Part II.

    • Hey, MC! Thanks for dropping by! Wanna rewatch the movies (and reread the books as well) myself, but it's a matter of time.That's a rule I'm trying to enforce with my son--no movie 'til you've read the book.