Bible Lessons From Cee Lo Green

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Last year, Cee Lo Green had a modest hit called “F**k You.” I’ve heard bits of it, but never sat down to listen to the whole song. Let me just lay my cards on the table right now: Chad BJ (“Before Jesus”–get your minds out of the gutter) could out-cuss the crustiest sailor. Chad AJ (“After Jesus”) just isn’t down with the potty mouth. That’s just how I roll. But this post is a quasi-exception to that rule. You’ve been warned.

But, even knowing that Cee Lo’s song is about a jilted lover, it’s jaunty vibe nevertheless lodged itself in my brain, and did a Vulcan mindmeld with my reading of Scripture.

Thus imagine with me–if you will–Israel, having just witnessed God’s great big, well, “f**k you” to pharaoh. I mean, seriously, what else can we call it? He systematically, vicariously, demolished an entire pantheon of Egyptian gods via the plagues, and then sent the destroyer as the piece de resistance (or the coup de grace, if you will). God busted a huge cap in pharaoh’s hide.

And because He’s God–the only being with entirely pure motives–He’s the only one who can get away an entirely righteous, completely holy, “f**k you.”

And he’s about to do it again–only this time to His children–His “deliverees.”

You know the story: Moses is gone–gone so long that the children of Israel actually start grousing about going back to their oppressors! And then goad Aaron into making a golden calf to worship! (Which of course is a great big “f**k you” to God).

God of course returns the favor, and 3,000 died that day because of their rebellion.

How often do we do the same, thumb our noses at God? Tell Him we know the score? Oh, we don’t call them idols anymore. No, we have “iPhones,” “iPads,” “iPods,” etc. It’s still iDolatry no matter how it’s dressed up.

May as well be a golden calf!

And I’m just as guilty–perhaps even more so–as the next guy with my electronic obsessions. Hear me: I’m not saying these things are evil–they’re just tools.

But even the best tools, improperly used, can hurt us. Perhaps even “hurt” God?

Here’s my confession: when I awake in the morning, what do I reach for? My Bible? No, it’s my iPhone, or iPad, that’s my first grab. What was once an occasional embrace has become a codified, bonafide habit. God, and this His Son, Jesus, doesn’t occupy the primary place in my heart and mind in the morning.

Maybe you don’t have this problem, maybe you’re able to handle your tools well.

Well, kudos to you if that’s true! That’s awesome!

If so, would you pray for me–and others, because I’m sure I’m not alone–who are struggling to keep our First Love in the first place? Thanks!

Because when it all comes down to it, I want to hear “well done, thou good and faithful servant”–not “f**k you.”

How about you? Have any confessions you want to make? Struggled with any idols of your own? Share in the comments. We can pray for one another.




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