6 Reasons Why I “Hate” @jonacuff & a giveaway

randomlychad  —  July 20, 2011 — 32 Comments

Goodmornoonevening! Nice of you to drop by! I know what you’re here for: you want the “hate,” right?

Well, I aim to bring it. This week’s “victim” is none other than Mr. Stuff Christians Like himself, Jon Acuff.

Jon is like a much younger, cooler, hipper version of myself. Actually, who am I kidding? I’ve never been cool (I mean have you seen that picture over there on the right? Go ahead, look–I’ll wait). How cool can I be with a schnoz like that? Maybe I should follow in Jon’s footsteps and get me some rhinoplasty?* What do you think?) 😉

Anywho, without further ado, here then are the six reasons I “hate” @jonacuff:

1) If you’re Christian, and a blogger, there’s no escaping the man–he’s everywhere on the Internet! Since launching Stuff Christians Like three years ago, the man has really blown up! Must be all that delicious Gordo’s Queso Dip he’s always eating! 😉 (Which I can’t even get in Arizona! I “hate” that!). No? What about:

2) Jon is a published author; having written the hilariously satirical Stuff Christians Like, which–like Jon–is full of cheese… No, wait, I mean “win.” Definitely full of win. And maybe just a little cheese, too (“metrosexual worship leader,” anyone?). No, you say you don’t “hate” him for that? Well, there’s always:

3) He has also written a “gift book” about how to get out of debt by big game hunting on the African savannah (not Georgia, which I guess Jon has lived in, Africa Africa–you know: home to that great 80s band, and little dog, Toto). This book–like Bill Murray’s character in What About Bob?–has something to with taking “baby steps” as you get your gazelle hunting business off the ground. Or something. You can get your copy here. Wait, you say–you liked that book… Well:

4) The man wrote, and published, a third book–in a year’s time! (He was, in fact, so busy you know, writing, that he declined my interview request this past December. I kinda do hate him for that! Kidding!) Anyway, this book is called, wait for it, Quitter, and tells the amazing story of how Jon left the suffocating security of his 9-to-5 with AutoTrader.com to follow his dream of becoming a rodeo clown in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s not Henry James, but it’s gripping! You should read it!

And as if that’s not enough:

5) As if having one wildly successful blog on which to clown around wasn’t enough, Jon started another one in support of his rodeo career! And that one, like Will Smith in Hitch, is blowing up, too!

Who does this Jon guy think he is, anyway? I mean, two blogs? Next thing you know, he’ll be president. Of the United Rodeo Clowns 101! 😉 And I would really “hate” that!

6) Ok, I lied: I don’t really have a sixth reason to “hate” Jon, because truth be told, he’s “good people.” Back in the ’80s they called musician Steve Taylor the “Clown Prince of Christianity,” and in my mind Jon has more than gotten a double portion of that mantle. Not only that, but he’s transcended it as well with Quitter. In fact, he’s putting on a Quitter Conference for those of us who are ready to close the gaps between our day jobs and our dream jobs. One of my blogging heroes, Bryan Allain, is going to be there. And so is the creator of Dream Year, Ben Arment.

(Wish I could go. Those of you that do make it: steal some conference materials for me, will you? Kidding! Enjoy! I expect I full bloggity rundown).

If you’ve made it this far, thanks! Because I believe so strongly in Jon’s message, I’m giving away a copy of his latest book, Quitter. (Winner to be determined by Random.Org).

In order to qualify, you must do three things:

1) Leave a comment; tell me why you “hate” Jon, too;

2) Tweet (or post on your Facebook wall) the following: “@randomlychad is giving away a copy of Jon Acuff’s (@jonacuff) #Quitter book http://randomlychad.com”

3) Subscribe to my blog by clicking on my “big-nosed” picture there on the right; then follow the links therein to subscribe with your reader of choice.

*Note: Jon had corrective surgery following a skateboarding accident; I was born with my schnoz. And I don’t foresee any cosmetic procedures in my future. But these droopy eyelids are a drag! Thanks for reading!




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