6 Reasons Why I Hate @tamaraoutloud

randomlychad  —  June 22, 2011 — 24 Comments


Today, I’m back with another entry in my Wednesday series, “Bloggers I Hate.” If you’re like me, you’ve seen her around the Internet. You know of whom I’m writing: @tamaraoutloud, or Tamara Lunardo of Florida. If you’re at all like me, you “hate” her as much as I do. Or at least I hope you do. If not, perhaps you’ll join with me in “hating” in her after you’ve read the six reasons why I “hate” her:

1) She makes me uncomfortable. One need go no further than her short post, Be Warned to see why. She uses words that we, as upright God-fearing people, are ashamed to admit to using, too. At least if we’re honest.

2) She doesn’t mince words. In Make Me A Roof-Wrecker clearly shows, she’s not afraid to speak her on mind on what true, Jesus-loving evangelism looks like.

3) She’s not afraid of Ephesians 5:22, and a in fact embraces it here, in her post on On Deciding to Pierce My Nose or Not.

4) She knows that that only dividing line between her and a call-girl is God’s grace. Don’t believe me? Read this: But For the Grace of God: My Life as a Would-Be Call-Girl. (Did I mention that her writing often makes me uncomfortable? Good, because–darn it–who likes to be reminded that there is so very little that separates Christians from those “in the world?).

5) She’s a a self-professed “Nerd”, and not only knows how to diagram sentences, a plethora of diacritic marks, and the difference (unlike me) between gerunds and gerrymandering, she’s a well-gifted writer, and gives good blog. (Whatever that means).

6) She clearly loves words, and isn’t afraid to play with them. I’m in such awe of the absolute finesse and fluidity of her prose, that I feel the need to defenestrate. Anyway…

Those are my reasons for hating . What are yours? Share in the comments.

(PS As in previous entries in this series, “hate” is used in a manner entirely opposite of its accepted dictionary definition. Just wanted to clarify).

Update, so Tamara got this great post up now, called Please Stop Just Sayin’. It’s totes brils. As such, I thought it apropos to let her feel my “ire” all over again. 😉




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  • Oh my, what a tribute! I hate it, in the very opposite sense of the word. Thanks for your generosity, my friend.

    • Absolutely! My pleasure to “hate” on you today! 😉

  • She's got great hair. 🙂 LOL.

    • And I'm not going there! 😉

      • LOL. Well, it's my hate on Tamara reason!

        • LOLZ!!!! Guess I can join you--my hair is like the follicular hybrid of the Donald & Bill Gates! 😉 

  • reconcilingviewpoints

    If I had to sum up your 6 reasons with 1, it would be that she's incredibly open and honest in a world that thrives on projecting image and hiding weaknesses. “Hate, hate, hate” in that opposite sense of the word.

    • Amen, and amen!

  • Carey

    Using your opposing definition, I'd have to say I “hate” Tamara because she just introduced me to your very cool blog via this post.

    • Awesome! Thanks for reading!

    • Awesome! Thanks for reading!

  • Carey

    I mean, really, “janky juxtapositions” and “randomly the me I'm supposed to be”…what's not to, uh, “hate”? 🙂

    • Thanks!

  • RawFaithRealWorld

    Loved it. She's an inspiration to all my little nerdlet in training students.

    • Awesome! Thanks for dropping by to read and comment.

  • Joy

    I hate her because she's so uninhibited and I envy that.

    …if you know what I mean. 😀
    My recent post If I Did Not Fear Dying

    • I hear you!

  • Okay I was uber pissed at first. I thought you for-real hated her and I was not havin' it. Glad this ended well.

    • I have that effect on people. ;)Yeah, this is a thing I do, and it's been a big hit. Thanks for reading!