So Tired

randomlychad  —  May 6, 2011 — 9 Comments

>Lesterphoto © 2010 ryan kuonen | more info (via: Wylio)

So tired of striving

It’s driving

Me mad

When you don’t see
I shout “I’m here, it’s me”
But you don’t see

Flogging frenzied activity
Is killing me

Fighting for every word

Wanting more than scraps left

For dogs

Wanting to be more than a cog
In someone else’s machine

Who will see me

For me?

I’m outside

Outside the circle

Looking in

Running to stand still

Here in the fringes

Treading, Striving

So tired.

So tired.




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  • Michelle

    If this is how you are at the moment, I pray you find refreshment and restoration.
    But keep fighting.

    • Thank-you, Michelle!

  • Keep moving forward man. It WILL get better!
    My recent post May 2011 Ad Giveaway Winners

    • Thanks, man!

  • The first read-through, I kept reading “striving” as “shaving.” At first it made sens then it fell apart. Reading it again, I understand completely. Striing without attaining can cause great angst.

    • Yeah, that would change the meaning a little. ;-)If it were “shaving,” that would make me like Steve Carrell in 'Evan Almighty': endlessly shaving, and watching the beard instantly grow back. 😉 All journey & no destination.