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randomlychad  —  May 1, 2011 — 3 Comments

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When l think about the watching world, I wonder what it sees. Does it see Christians living in unity?

How do we treat our brothers and sisters in the household of faith? Are we living out Jesus’ words: “By this they shall know you are my disciples, by your love for one another,” or not?

How do we handle those places where we disagree? With hostility? Or humility?

Are we saved in the name of Piper, or Bell, or Graham, or Laurie, or Driscoll–or in the name of Jesus?

It seems to me there’s another way–a harder, but better–way: frame the discussion with the common love we say we share for a common Savior.

The building blocks to unity are all those things that we have in common as Christians. And there is nothing else to do but the hard work of love. The foundation must be laid.

And here is where it is lain: we both say Jesus is Lord, thus that is we start our accord: in common love for an awesome Lord.

Why is this so hard? When the whole world is at stake? While she watches and waits?

Church, we need to get our act together. We are one body in Jesus. Let’s live like it.

Unity is an achievable goal if we shall but humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord, and look past the veneer, see the hearts of our brothers and sisters.

Unity. It’s worth the risk. Love takes the risk.

Will you take the risk?

This post is part of a synchroblog in support of Rachel Held Evans’ Rally to Restore Unity.




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  • Michelle

    So very true. And yet so many of us focus on the differences of our church beliefs, and so avoid relationship with each other; or we choose to pick fights with each other (what we know) and not stand united together to show what Christ is like.

    I'm sure the disciples all had differing opinions on things. But they stood united in showing who Christ was. Why can't we do that? Why do we bicker amongst ourselves when there are people who need to see the love of Christ in action?

    I guess if there are enough of us who choose to say “you know, we churches have differences in how we do things, but we love the one and same Jesus,” then we might have those looking on notice that more than the differences in how we worship Him.

    Love conquers all.

    • Isn't that the $64,000 question: “why can't we?” I have some ideas:Because it's easier to:Major in the minors  Declare who's out--rather than love them inPoint a finger--instead of extending a handI could go on. Point is: love is hard work, and who wants to sacrifice? 

  • There’s a terrific amount of knolwedge in this article!