>The "In-Between"

randomlychad  —  January 11, 2011 — Leave a comment

>Lonely roadphoto © 2008 she descending angel | more info (via: Wylio)

This poem was inspired by a number of things, but mostly by my regrets at the things I’ve left unsaid and undone, and by Susan Isaacs’ wonderful book Angry Conversations With God. If the story of my life is like Susan’s at all (which I think it is), then it’s about God picking up the pieces. Without further ado, here is In-Between:

Looking around
And all I see
Are unfinished pieces,
Shattered dreams–

Caught somewhere
The now
And yet-to-be

The tension’s killing me

How false my heart
Too easily deceived
Broken apart
Only to see:

The unfinished pieces
Are pieces of me

Littering the ground
at my feet

Shattered, I call a retreat
Beaten thoroughly, I’m through
Exiling my heart
Far away from You

Only to find

Not left behind

I run right into:

Unfinished pieces
Shattered dreams
All in Your hand,
Helping me stand

Only just now I see:
You’d never left me




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