>Dear MacBook

randomlychad  —  January 20, 2011 — 9 Comments

>Pc vs Macphoto © 2008 Sergio de Candelario Delgado | more info (via: Wylio)

>Dear MacBook,

I love your sleek, sexy stylings. I love your smooth aluminum finish. You are light, yet sturdy; small, yet powerful. You are all I could ever ask for in a computer. You get it done for me, but I must confess: I cheated on you.

Yes, it’s true–I cheated on you: with a netbook. An HP Mini 1000. She’s not as fast as you, dear MacBook, but she’s smaller, lighter, and dare I say, just as sexy. Where you are aluminum, she is black–dark, curvy, and light. And when I’m not doing heavy-duty tasks, she gets it done for me just fine. Yes, her Windows XP doesn’t hold a candle to the visual stylings of your Snow Leopard, but she meets my needs. I even upgraded her to two gigabytes of RAM, and have been toying with the notion of upgrading her to Windows 7. Time will tell if this happens.

MacBook, I’m not ready to give up on you; like Kody Brown, I love you both, and want to add Miss Mini to our lives. Are you ready for a sister-wife? What do you say?

Dear MacBook, I guess the only thing I can say is: it’s not you, it’s me. My life doesn’t feel complete without Miss Mini in it, too.




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  • This is perilously close to being an open letter 🙂
    My recent post A Dream to Be Thankful For

    • Touché! You've got me dead to rights. What is a blog post if not an open letter? 😉

  • Sir, we at Apple feel you should keep your indiscretions to yourself instead of airing them for all the world to see.

    We Hate Sister-Wives
    My recent post Hey! I pooped! Someone!

    • I'm sorry, but I couldn't keep it in anymore--the tension was killing me. I had to come clean, and admit it: I still kinda like Windows. Please don't tell Mr. Jobs!

  • This is border-line heresy. 🙂

    • Pray for me, brother! Can't seem to help myself. ;-)(Though if it's any consolation, the Mini may get “Hackintoshed”).

  • Michelle

    Windows rocks …. unless it's Vista. Vista sucks. But Windows 7 is amazing.

    Can you tell I'm not an apple lover?

    • Heathen! ;-)But, seriously, how are things in Australia? (I heard reports of sharks swimming in the streets?)

  • Michelle

    Well, no sharks. I'm down in Victoria and no floods where I am, but they are up near my parents in the middle of Vic. A couple of country towns completely under water (and one will probably be for a couple of weeks because of how the land lies), the town closest to where my family is was saved by the quick thinking of a local -- using his earthmoving equipment to build a levy along creek, saving about 150 houses in the process. But the floods are still moving along the rivers and towns have a bit more warning that it is coming. Unlike Queensland, where Toowoomba had no warning before an 8metre wave hit it. Brisbane had a little warning (less than 24 hrs) and a lot of damage done there. The loss of lives because of the lack of warning, but also the stories of heroism and martyrdom (a mother and son dying after insisting the rescuers save their youngest, people seeing it coming and telling others to get up on high ground and going in to rescue those that they could…)

    BUT, the Aussie spirit is alive and well. People are helping each other, and donations are flooding (!) in to help those who suffered. The biggest issue is the insurance companies -- no definitive definition of flood. People who thought they were covered aren't. But God is good, and people are generous.