>Freedom Friday!


     Hi! Welcome to Freedom Friday! Today is the day where we gather here to celebrate our liberty in
Jesus, share our struggles, and stand in awe of God’s love.
     I’ll go first: I was never a yeller growing up, but since having kids, I’ve discovered my inner “mad
man.” When they don’t, or won’t, listen–I yell. When they’re frustrating me–I yell. Sometimes it may
be warranted, but mostly not. I hate this about myself, and often worry how I’m representing Jesus to
them. (Kinda like when Moses struck the rock the second time–that wasn’t God’s heart towards His
people). I’m ashamed to admit that bedtime Bible story, and prayer, instead of being a holy time, ends
up being more of a shut-up-so-we-can-get-through-this-so-I-can-be-done-with-you-exercise. It’s
shameful, and it’s not God’s heart. Are the kids sometimes (often) disruptive? Sure–but they’re kids
(not excusing bad behavior here), not mini-adults. I guess what I’m getting at is does my response help,
or hinder, connecting their hearts to the Father’s? Somehow I don’t think this is quite what Jesus meant
when He said “suffer the little children.” There are a lot of reasons–I’m tired, it’s been a long, hard
day–why I’m reactive, rather than proactive, but none of them are an excuse. I want to be about the
business of representing love, grace, and forgiveness–not give the impression that God is looking for
the slightest provocation to bring the smiting rain. God forgive me. Kids, please forgive me. I love you.
     Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, off my heart. Is there anything you need to be set free
from, anything you need to confess? This is a safe place. See you in the comments. God bless you!