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randomlychad  —  October 30, 2010 — 6 Comments

>     Hi, folks! I don’t normally post on weekends, but with Halloween being tomorrow, I’d like to get your take on this holiday. Is it something you celebrate with your family? Is it all in fun? Is it evil? Should we even worry about it? I mean what’s wrong with free candy, yo? Where does Jesus come down on this? (I’m of the mind that as Christians we’re to be about the business of redemption, and this can include Halloween. Call it “redeeming the time, making the most of the opportunities,” if you will).

     Also, I’d love it if you’d share your take on the absolute worst candy there is. Here’s mine: Circus Peanuts. They look like packing material and taste like sugar-sweetened styrofoam. They’re like nothing so much as candy suppositories! Insert orally for an intense alimentary response!




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  • Celebrating Halloween for its true nature is something we Christians don't do. Christians generally celebrate Christmas more as a holiday while others think it's just a day for love and sharing, not exactly the day to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

    I think it's ok to go around and think of it as regular occasion. We Christians aren't bound by law or a religion of do's and don'ts. I think we're beyond all that. Nothing wrong with partying to dress up.

    And nothing wrong with candy. Worst candy for me are those assorted ones in boxes. Orange candy, for example…I never got what that's about. Like who invented that and thought it'd actually be good? It's beyond me!

    • Blessedbabe, thanks for stopping by! Appreciate your thoughts. Something I've been thinking about is how do we go about the process of being “in the world, but not of it?” What does that look like? The answer that comes to mind is: Jesus. He's our model of being in, but not of. That may seem overly simple, or all but unobtainable. So, then, what would Jesus do on halloween night? How would He reach his family, friends, and neighbors? How about this: what did He do in world dominated by fervent religiosity and overt paganism? How did He respond?

      Which assorted candies in boxes? Do you mean like Forrest-Gump-life-is-a-box-of-chocolates-assorted, or do you mean orange slices? 'Cause if it's oranges slices, them's fightin' words! Orange slices are da bomb! 😉

  • I guess the part about being in the world and not of it is something like my pastor said — “We're still Christians but we're not weird. The world doesn't care about weird.” By “weird,” I think he means being such a recluse. After all, we're supposed to go out to the world and reach out.

    Nice thing you said about Jesus. I wonder what he'd do as well. But I have this idea that Jesus partied like the wedding in Cana. I think he would also go out but speak about life and not death…like the spooky things that Halloween represents. Halloween now isn't largely pagan. It seems quite commercial with the sale of costumes and all.

    And yes, I mean those candies. You like orange slices? Oh wow…sorry, bro! Didn't mean to diss them! I just can't take them! Maybe I'm weird… I don't know why! -_^
    My recent post Happy Halloween

    • I like that! Don't be weird--cause it's altogether too easy to get into our holy huddles & forget there's a world out there going to hell.

      Thanks , I try. 🙂 And I agree with you--He was all about life, not death (well except for dying to self, but that's another post). It's like what Tony Campolo said, “The Kingdom of God is a party!” I take that to mean that we get to be about the business of proclaiming life.

      No worries on the orange slices! They're something of an acquied taste.

      Thanks for continuing the dialogue! Many blessings!